Spinnerei Leipzig | a room that…

artist in residence scholarship from october 2018 until january 2019 at Spinerei Leipzig

Since 2012 the non-profit workspace & showroom „a room that…“ main goal is to support emerging female artists via a residence program of three months. The space for exhibitions is located in the Leipziger Baumwoll-Spinnerei, at Halle 14.

We understand that the „Next Woman Artrepreneurs“ as the new generation of female artists, who have strong positions in the art world through innovative capacity. We hope that these programs will create a strong network of entrepreneurial talent. The female Artist of this generation encounter the big transformations and  which raise many questions and are translated in they work. Artrepreneur comes from Entrepreneur, an economic term, which marks a unique economic personality with independent and responsible behavior.

The Next Woman Artrepreneurs are funded through a scholarship program followed by an exhibition during the big tours at Leipziger Baumwoll-Spinnerei. There, their works are presented to a broad international audience. We are working for the Funding in a small team and love to spread our ideas of a strong bound of women in a big network for innovativ future processes.